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Strippers on the Blonde

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Uploaded by Tits Videos on Mar 5th, 2010
Category Dancing Bear

A stack of bills, a little booze, and dark club all these are things when put together gives you a good night. Then make it a girls night out and call us in and you have a once in a life time experience. Like this night here. I don’t who is going to marry this blonde but he is going to have his hands full with this one. I hope he wont mind here sampling strange dick on a regular bases. She seemed to be the ring leader of this sexual lunacy. You know the type that can find trouble anywhere. Being that it, was her big night she got the first taste of both strippers then insisted on Jonny getting a taste of her going back and forth licking and sucking each other putting on an impromptu sex show for all her friends, inspiring a few of the other girls to practically ravage Sebastian until he could not say no to taking the soon to be bride’s best friend to the back for a good fucking.

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